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Who is Ninh?

Born in the UK to a Chinese family, I'm a proud Lancastrian and I speak with a stereotypical Northern English accent ... which confuses almost everyone!

After going through many different careers from gym management, to estate agency and even retail - I'm now a content creating freelancer who specialises in video. But I can also back that up with the relevant photography and graphic design.


I'm also currently working closely with television and production companies to help create content for them.

Ninh Ly - Content Creator

My Mission in Life

"If you've read this far, just know that I'm a positive and openly honest guy about pretty much everything!"

In the past, I've been worried about trivial things that typical westerners get hung up about. Job, money, possessions, social status etc. And I always used to react with fiery negativity when things didn't go my way.

But I've come to realise that life is way too short and I've taken a more sanguine approach to life as I've gotten older. I've become a more positive person and I've stopped caring or worrying about things I cannot possibly control.

I try to fulfil my dreams and try to have a decent work-life balance as best as I can.
This is why you'll see me jet off to another country or visit somewhere different every month. Most people ask how I can possibly afford it, and I tell them that it's just sacrificing the frivolous things that you don't need (possessions, alcohol) to make you happy.


I think that's what life really is about. Being happy. If I can get to the end of my life and I have no regrets - then I've done an amazing job.


But until then ... there's still a lot of living to do and a whole world to explore!

One Hundred Turkish Lira


I honestly believe I will be successful and happy in life. I've been guilty of letting things derail me before in the past, but now I'm focussed on achieving everything I want in life, despite the haters!

A White Bass Guitar

Musically Inept

After spending years learning how to play guitar (particularly bass), I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my left wrist, thus preventing me from actually playing. I still have all 6 of my guitars though.

Players in the Field

Sports Nut

There's not many sports that I don't watch or play myself!

I'm a huge fan of Toronto's sports teams and I'm a Manchester United season ticket holder. Owning a professional sports team would be my ultimate dream.

Random Facts about Ninh


I believe in Karma

Good things happen to good people. Bad people will probably get a smack in the mouth one day.

Probably by me.

But it's all about staying positive, especially in the face of adversity.

Driver Crash


Yes, I've worked in the stunt industry in a previous life. I have my own IMDB page, but it's got about half the credits that I actually have.



I don't like Snakes. I mean, how can something with no arms, no legs and no wings move so fast and kill you?!

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