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"I started photography at University and whichever job I did; I was always asked to take the photos.
I think the penny dropped that I was actually good at this, when people specifically requested me to work for them. It got to a point where my good reputation preceded me.
That's how I knew ... but that only came 15 years after I started!"

Ninh Ly

Examples of my Photography Work


When I'm not working for a company or client, I'll happily take a trip somewhere just to take photos. You'll see my work at various stock photography websites available to purchase.


My clients love my professionalism and the ability to shoot exactly how they want, with files delivered quickly and on time.

Examples include businesses, gyms & more.


I'll get calls from the AP to cover an event for news and print media. I'm pretty geared up for the fast turnaround of files, particularly on the road or in obscure locations.

Real Estate

From my previous career as an Estate Agent, I've built up a roster of clients who request that I take photos of their show-homes. You'll see my work when you're looking for a brand new home!


I've done my fair share of one-off events. Concerts, fashion shows, exhibitions. I'd be lying if I said that I've done thousands of them - but I've done my fair share!


There's more stuff to see on my drone page, but suffice to say that I have created some amazing drone photos and videos over the years. And I can do the same for your business.


I love sports, and I cover a variety of different sports and teams when their own photographers are unavailable. Current examples include Rugby League, Ice Hockey and Football.


I've been in the game long enough to have tried every kind of photography. From pets to portraits. Weddings to work events. Products to landscapes ... and everything in between!

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