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"Videography is something that I naturally progressed to after learning photography.
It seems that I have a talent for it, though it took me many years to realise that.

To me; filming and editing doesn't really feel like a job - it's more of a creative passion. And this is reflected in the work that I do for my YouTube travel channel.
But until I'm a famous TV presenter, I'll continue to provide quality video for anyone that wants it!"

Ninh Ly

Examples of my Videography Work


This is a short excerpt from an online travel guide to London, complete with a voiceover from ... me!

(Click on the picture to bring up the online video player)


This is an example of a commercial video that I generally do. I'm the photographer and videographer for JD Gyms and this is a typical video that we make when a new gym opens.

Real Estate

Lots of house builders and estate agents require high quality video, and I'm honoured that Redrow Homes choose me as their go-to guy for filming some of their amazing showhomes.

Events / Interviews

From interviewing celebrities to red carpet events, I've filmed all around the world. Here's a short video interview I filmed with world renowned fashion designer - Addy van den Krommenacker.


There's more stuff to see on my drone page, but suffice to say that I have created some amazing drone videos over the years. 


Whether it's adverts to sell pug puppies or something else, I can do that too!

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