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Graphic Designing

Graphic Design

This is actually my bread and butter skill that I developed during one of my stints as a gym manager. I remember starting out with Adobe CS2, and I've come a long way since then!


Whilst I don't do as much graphic design as I would like (photography, YouTube & video editing takes up infinitely more time) I still dabble in things like logo design. You'll find a portfolio of my concept work dotted around various internet forums such as Icethetics, and the NHL website.

Occasionally, I'll get the call to do some corporate re-branding for local businesses and elements design. 

Check out some of my Graphic Design work I've done below!

Leaflet Side 1.jpg
Leaflet Side 2.jpg
3 - Profile Logo Alternate.jpg
5 - Jet Twitter Banner 2018.jpg
2 - Profile Logo Main.jpg
Bin Blitz STICKER (CMYK Purple) JPEG.jpg
dc contruction.png
Manchester Storm Flag Design 4.jpg
Beneil Design 1.jpg
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