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"Like most content creators, I got into the world of drones with the DJI Mavic Pro.
Since then, I fell in love with creating some of the most beautiful photography and videography out there. I've done this in over 20 countries so far and you'll find a lot of my drone work on YouTube.
I couldn't imagine creating content without it."

Ninh Ly

Photo Gallery of my Drone & Aerial Work

Video Gallery of my Drone & Aerial Work


It's a beautiful French city from up high, and I think that it's a lot nicer to visit than Paris. Very laid back atmosphere and especially when the sun is shining, it's a very pleasant city break.


The ancient city, located 15 miles north-west of Antalya, Turkey. The ruins here are over 2,000 years old and it's amazing how much of it is still intact.


This remote Scottish island is famous for it's smoky whisky, and is revered by all Scotch Whisky drinkers. A trip here is once in a lifetime and the scenery makes this a stunning place.


The famous red rocks of Sedona in the USA are precisely as advertised. Rugged, ancient and unforgiving. But it actually makes for an amazing road trip.

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